If you’re sick of eyelash curler and too many layers of mascara that somehow come off during the day, and you feel like having a natural, fresh eye look, I recommend you to keep
reading this post 馃檪
Recently I tested an eyelash lifting treatment and I want to share my experience and results
with you, and give you a taste of the procedure that might help you decide if it could be
something that works for you or not.
So what is an eyelash-lift? It is a treatment that takes place on top of the natural eyelash and includes a lengthening and heightening procedure that gives it a dense natural look. As a
matter of fact, the treatment replaces the eyelashes curler and the need to use multiple layers of mascara in order to achieve a perfect eye makeup look.

Eye lash liftWho is this treatment suitable for? Whoever is interested in a neat, curly and lifted eyelashes
look. Whoever鈥檚 eyelashes have a tendency of falling down/ staying straight/ not naturally
Who is the treatment not suitable for? Whoever suffers from allergies and eye problems,
whoever has color sensitivities (like normal hair color/hair dye).
The treatment lasts for 8-12 weeks, the same lifetime as a natural eyelash.

Eye lash liftThe procedure lasts 40 minutes during which you will be required to lie down on a treatment
table and close your eyes the entire time. It is also possible to dye your eyelashes during the
procedure, in the same color as your natural hair or Chinese-black-blue shade that will give an extra effect. If you are sensitive to the color materials it is not recommended to add color since it might cause an unpleasant itch.

Eye lash liftBefore
The result: I immediately felt a change in my makeup routine. Throughout the period following the treatment, I didn’t use the eyelashes curler at all because I really didn’t need to. I did use mascara but only one layer of it because of the the black-Chinese highlighted effect. Even more than that, I usually tend to use an eyelash curler and my eyelashes still 鈥渇all down鈥 at some point during the day, but with the eyelash – lift I felt like my eyelashes are 鈥渇ixed鈥 in the spot all day without moving and it feels great! The lift lasted for 2 months on my eyelashes and I could definitely feel the 鈥渨ow effect鈥. I didn’t stop receiving compliments for my eyes even from people that couldn’t quite put their finger on what it is that they are seeing.

Eye lash liftAfter
The procedure was performed by the amazing and professional Adi Milbouer using the using the international method of 鈥淵UMI lashes鈥.
*This post was written in collaboration with Adi Milbouer – a wedding, television shows and
movies makeup artist and makeup instructor with 6 years of experience.

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