Top 5 Diaper Bags

Hello my Pink ladies! Hope You all are having a wonderful week.

A diaper bag can add so much glam to your baby stroller. When I first thought about the kind of diaper bag I would want, I knew it had to have 3 main things: It had to be big enough for me to carry the whole house with me if I want to, It had to be Pink (of course!) and mega chic! During my search I found some amazing brands which make awesome diaper bags and thought I would share with you my top 5.

Starjelly TLV

Starjelly TLV - Diaper BagsStarJelly TLV

This oh so chic Israeli brand will completley change your stroller vibes. The brand offers a beautiful variety of diaper bags. These diaper bags are knowen for their monochromatic urban style. They have a big enough space for you to carry everything you need for your little baby and also for yourself. I myself own the pink one with the black hearts on it and not a day goes by without me getting compliments and questions about it and the way it fits my stroller perfectly .



These Diaper bags are known for their functionality, that’s the reason why they’re smaller than other diaper bags. JUJUBE encourage us to carry only the necessary stuff for the baby so that we don’t take the whole house with us (as I often do). The bag has multiple compartments in different sizes, that way you can store by categories and then quickly pull out what you want in time of need. Along with the functionality, these bags are beautifully designed and comes in different pretty prints.

 Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids - Diaper BagsPottery Barn Kids

The thing I love the most about these bags is the fact you can add the baby initials or a he’s name to the front of the bag – Such an adorable way to add a personal touch. As opposed to the JuJuBe Bags, these has a more of a basic casual look to it and a bigger size but also has multiple pockets and storage space. The bags comes only in neutral colors so if you’re looking for a colorful touch to your stroller, this is probably not the way to go.


Burberry Diaper Bag


If you’re interested in a fancy luxurious diaper bag for your baby’s stroller, this is the bag for you. This statement diaper tote designed with the signature checks print of the British fashion brand, Burberry and comes with a shoulder strap so you also have the option to carry it on your shoulder, not something you’ll most likely to find in other diaper bags.

We Love Fuss

We Love Fuss Diaper BagWe Love Fuss

Another Israeli brand that has the word edginess written all over it. This brand offers the solution for those of you who wants a diaper bag which can also be used as a regular yet cool backpack. This bag is designed in a practical way; it attaches the stroller with a special strap that keep it tight and stable; The Bag is vegan friendly and comes in different gorgeous metal colors.

Hope Yoe enjoyed this post! If you’re interested to see how I pack my diaper bag and what I put in it, leave a comment below. Wishing you a great weekend! Kiss Kiss, Roni

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